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What we find amusing in this cartoon is the blatant arrogance of a person who believes that they can “fix” some one else, especially in the context of a friendship. What kind of friendship is built on the foundation that, “I’m superior to you.”? There is a big difference between a friend who is willing [...]

Two Treatments

There are two basic approaches to treating depression and anxiety – medication and “talk” therapy. Where you turn for help will, to a large extent, determine what kind of treatment you receive.  If you consult your family physician or your insurance company, most often you will receive medication.  If you consult a psychologist, most often, [...]

Understanding Depression and Anxiety

Both depression and anxiety are very common.  Estimates of the numbers of Americans with clinical depression vary greatly – some as low as 10%, some as high as 20%.  Assuming that the actual number is somewhere in between these extremes, it still means that a very large number of people are suffering – between 30 [...]

Contemporary Romance

These two cartoons illustrate the lack of social consensus on clear guidelines in romantic relationships these days.  Unfortunately, a great deal of emotional pain can be the result.  With Josh and his co-worker, there is no sense of the wrongness of a “sordid affair” or the betrayal of their respective spouses – only the practical.  [...]

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