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What we find amusing in this cartoon is the blatant arrogance of a person who believes that they can “fix” some one else, especially in the context of a friendship. What kind of friendship is built on the foundation that, “I’m superior to you.”? There is a big difference between a friend who is willing [...]

Two Treatments

There are two basic approaches to treating depression and anxiety – medication and “talk” therapy. Where you turn for help will, to a large extent, determine what kind of treatment you receive.  If you consult your family physician or your insurance company, most often you will receive medication.  If you consult a psychologist, most often, [...]

Understanding Depression and Anxiety

Both depression and anxiety are very common.  Estimates of the numbers of Americans with clinical depression vary greatly – some as low as 10%, some as high as 20%.  Assuming that the actual number is somewhere in between these extremes, it still means that a very large number of people are suffering – between 30 [...]

Typical and Atypical Grief

A recent study of the grief response, published in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association), supported the experience that I have had in working with people with grief over the years. The research made three very interesting points. First, there is a common and rather consistent pattern of five stages of grief that occur [...]

Knowing & Not Knowing

The caption of this cartoon implies that the lover is so smooth that he can make love to this man’s wife while he is in the same bed with them.  We can all laugh at a man so clever as to be able to cuckold another man before his very eyes and apparently get by [...]

Contemporary Romance

These two cartoons illustrate the lack of social consensus on clear guidelines in romantic relationships these days.  Unfortunately, a great deal of emotional pain can be the result.  With Josh and his co-worker, there is no sense of the wrongness of a “sordid affair” or the betrayal of their respective spouses – only the practical.  [...]