Depression & Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are, by far, the most common symptoms of emotional distress.

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Divorce Recovery

Divorce is a special experience of grief and, for most people, second only to the loss of a loved one in terms of its painful impact.

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Childhood experience is the foundation of emotional experience for the rest of life which is why it is so important to make it as healthy and helpful as it can be.

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Shakespear said it best: “Anyone can master a grief except he who has it.” Often, those struggling with

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Each Step After the First Is Easier

Nearly all of the people who consult me are experiencing some combination of anxiety and depression – a low mood and feelings of unease. Despite what you may have heard almost everywhere – television, news reports, internet sites, pharmaceutical companies and the medical community – medication is very seldom the best treatment for most people. Many people have come to me because they have tried medication and found it disappointing. They have also told me that they first sought help from their physician and were simply given drugs to try without exploring other treatment choices.

Good treatment begins with a clear understanding of the person seeking help and what they hope to achieve through our work together. A good way to think about building a treatment plan is that it should include three equally important components – the best available scientific research, the patient’s values and goals and the clinicians’ professional judgement.

In this way, a good treatment plan is just like the person seeking help – one of a kind. For some people, medication is an important part of treatment and should be included. Anyone interested in further information on this topic – what is the best available science on the best treatments for depression and anxiety – please see the articles and information on this site.


Meet Dr Colby

Dr Martin holds a B.A. from Illinois Wesleyan University, a M.Div. from Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary and a Ph.D. from Northwestern University. He is an ordained minister of the United Methodist Church and served in parish ministry for four years in rural Wisconsin.

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